Citymove - spring news in the app

Spring news in Citymove

March 14, 2024
At the beginning of April, several changes will be introduced to the Citymove application, mainly in the parking section. This article will take a closer look at what’s coming.
Citymove: CCS card

Parking with CCS card now in Citymove

January 4, 2024
You've often asked us about it, and it's finally here. Starting in January, the new version of the app will allow you to park with your company's CCS card. This will apply to all three CCS Limit cards (Limit, Limit Plus, Limit Exclusive).
Citymove: Garage parking in Prague

Comfortable and safe: Hints for the cheapest indoor parking in Prague

July 25, 2023
Paying for your own indoor, attended parking space for a day or weekend sounds like a bit of a luxury. But it's not – at least not as far as the price is concerned. Here are a few suggestions of garages from which it is only a few minutes to the centre of Prague. And where you can park from as little as CZK 8.30 an hour.
Citymove: Local parking guide in Prague

Local parking guide: Where to park at Náplavka, for pedal boats, or popular open-air pools?

July 25, 2023
Whether you're a local or not, parking in some parts of Prague can be difficult. But it doesn't have to be! Especially when you go for a sure thing. Here are some ideas on how to park at popular summer attractions in the very heart and the wider centre of Prague – from as little as CZK 10 an hour!
Citymove: Where to park in Prague

​​Where to park in Prague: Hints for the cheapest garages and parking zones

May 15, 2023
‍You can park in comfort even in Prague 1 or 2. Short-term in blue zones, long-term in the garages run by Mr. Parkit. With the Citymove app, you can easily pay for both using your mobile phone and find the cheapest parking zone in the area. Here are some hints on how to park smart in the city centre. So let’s go!
Citymove: Wo in Prag parken

​​Wo in Prag parken: Tipps für die billigsten Garagen und das Parken in den Zonen

May 15, 2023
Auch in Prag 1 oder 2 kann man bequem parken. Kurzzeitig in den blauen Zonen, langzeitig beispielsweise in den Garagen von Mr. Parkit. Dank der Applikation Citymove bezahlen Sie für beide einfach direkt aus dem Handy und Sie suchen die billigste Parkzone in der Umgebung auf. Wir bringen Tipps, wie man im Zentrum intelligent parkt. Gehen wir es an.
Citymove: Equipment of the car

(Non)compulsory car equipment: What to carry to get out of an unexpected situation quickly

March 6, 2023
A blanket, a tow rope, an accident form, an energy bar, a USB cable... A few extra items could quickly solve an unexpected problem on the road for you or other drivers in trouble. We have prepared a list of "optional equipment" that will support your safety, but also comfort on the road.
Citymove: Baby stroller in public transport

Traveling by public transport with the baby carriage: Planning the route with the Citymove and tips for your comfort

March 5, 2023
‍Prague's public transport is becoming more and more barrier-free. How to travel with a baby carriage as comfortably and worry-free as possible? Who to ask for help? And which tools to use for planning a barrier-free journey? Looking at timetables and the smart Citymove app will help.
Citymove: Parking in shopping centres in Prague

Parking in selected shopping centres in Prague

March 5, 2023
Paying for parking in shopping centers can sometimes be a pain. You know it, you go shopping, hands full of bags, someone is looking for change at the machine and you forgot your ticket in the car anyway.

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