Several new features were added to the app this year. In this article, we'll go through them and explain why we decided to do so in a completely transparent way.

Since January, you can upload your CCS card to Citymove and park with it. For businesses, this is the ideal solution. However, many users wanted to use the app for private and work parking. So, we developed an administration that allows you to upload two cards and switch between them.

In addition to the ability to extend parking, we also added a function to end or shorten parking early. The new control also allows you to select the length of parking in shorter periods, even in minutes.

To allow you to shorten your parking at will, we had to switch to a system of pre-authorisation (blocking) of payments, where payment is made only after the end of the parking according to its actual length. We, therefore, had to change the payment gateway provider that allows this. This was Stripe, one of the world's most widely used and reliable payment solution providers.

However, with the gateway change, the user had to reload the payment card. We understand that reloading data can be a minor inconvenience, but there was no other way. At Citymove, we do not store any card data or have access to it. We only receive information from the payment gateway on whether a card has been added.

We have also recently been forced to remove the ability to purchase public transport tickets by credit card. We paid a fee for each transaction, but at the same time, we got a small commission from the transport company. Even so, it barely covered the transaction fee. Unfortunately, the transport company changed the terms and conditions, which reduced the commission so significantly that we would have to subsidise the purchase of tickets. Therefore, we removed the feature and at least refunded the SMS tickets as partial compensation.

The last change is the introduction of a small parking service charge. Citymove has been in operation for five years. It was the first native parking app in Prague and the first multimodal journey planner. It required considerable technical development and technology implementation, for which we paid high monthly fees. We were constantly developing new features and opening up collaborations with new services.

Yet Citymove has always been free. The only regular income was small commissions from some services, which did not cover even a fraction of the cost of running the application. The sheer amount of development needed to launch the innovations described above showed us that the free model needed to be more sustainable, not to mention the cost of customer support, marketing channels and other activities we do to make using Citymove more enjoyable.

That's why we decided to introduce a small fee. It will be 10% of the parking price, but at least 2 CZK. This will help us cover the operation costs and keep Citymove serving you. We have avoided it for a long time, but operating completely free of charge in the long term is not possible. We hope you will understand its implementation.