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Plan, Pay and Go 
with one app
Use different modes of transport in Prague.
Is your phone full of transport apps, and you’re tired of going from one to another? Replace all of them with one app. Citymove shows you the best possible routes through Prague. Simply choose the mode of transport, whether that's public transport, bike sharing, taxi or walking, and go. Citymove can also take care of parking payment.
How it works?
Choose a destination
Select a mode of transport
Buy ticket or book your ride from the app
Enjoy your ride!
What sets us apart?
Citymove is founded on a simple idea that all communities deserve access to smart mobility. Citymove connects commuters to the people and places that matter most, bringing cities together and empowering better urban living.
Travel smarter
We connected all types of transport for you, so you don’t have to travel the same way every time. All you have to do is enter your destination and Citymove will find the best way. Whether you want to use a taxi, bike sharing, public transport or simply walk, Citymove has it all in one app and it also takes care of parking payments.
Easier payment
Through Citymove you can pay for your travel tickets, shared bike, taxi, you can even directly pay for your parking, without having to look for ticket machines.
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