All mobility modes in one app

Plan, travel & pay with Citymove - the best app for parking, commuting and travelling around Prague.

Why people ūüíô to use¬†Citymove

Compare different ways to get where you want

Citymove will show you all available options on how to get where you want. You can choose the fastest, cheapest or the one with the least walking.

Pay for parking directly from the app

Unlike other apps, Citymove has full native integration of mobile parking payments in Prague. Just add your payment card and you are ready to go.

See transport options available near you

See the nearest public transport stops and upcoming departures from them. Select and book shared cars, scooters or bikes directly from the map.

Combine travel modes to save time

Let Citymove plan the fastest route by combining travel modes. Hop on a scooter right in front of your house and ride to the closest metro station.

What our users say about Citymove

Dudi D.
The best planner for routes to Prague from suburbs. Great and logical suggestions of several connections (bus, metro, tram). No other app showed these results (idos, l√≠tańćka, j√≠zdn√≠ Ňô√°dy). Really great app...
Ema D.
Useful app, when you want to break the stereotype of an average Prague citizen and try new approaches. Thank you!!!
Michal R.
Great to have various modes of transport integrated within one app. Exciting to see they’re adding more providers often.
I use the app everyday for travelling in Prague. It sometimes finds the great route I wouldn’t figure out. Also parking payments are useful.
Miloslav N.
This is how I imagine a modern app. Appearance, functions. Absolute top.
Ivana O.
Thank you, the parking payments are a relieve.

Route planning

Compare different transport modes and choose the fastest, cheapest or easiest route from A to B.
Live departure times of public transport vehicles
Departure times of  buses, trams and trains in route detail are now based on current GPS positions of the vehicles
Transport modes comparison
Compare times and prices of different modes of transport like public transport, taxi, shared vehicles or walking.
Combine different modes in one route
Citymove finds the optimal combination of public transport and shared vehicles to get you where you want faster and for a reasonable price.
Easy searching for places
Going to your favourite cafe, park or swimming pool? Just type a name of the place and Citymove will find directions right away.
Place to place routing
Citymove calculates the time needed to go from your location to your destination, not just from a stop to another stop like other apps.
Home and work suggestions
Citymove's clever algorithm will suggest you the best transport mode for you at any given time of the day right when you open the app.

Public transport

Easily access all needed information about public transport for your commuting.
Live position of public transport vehicles on map
Realtime GPS positions of buses, trams and trains directly on the map.
Traffic disruptions
The app will warn you if there is any traffic disruption on your selected route.
Nearby stops & departures
See the departures from stops near you and the walking directions to them.
Lines & stops timetables
See timetables of your favourite bus, tram, metro, ferry, or funicular lines.
Tickets purchasing
Buy tickets for public transport directly from the app.
Wagon & exit suggestions
See which metro wagon and which exit from the station is the most convenient for you to save time on transfers.
Public transport Partners:


Find a place to park & pay for parking directly from the app.
Map of parking zones & houses
Easily find cheapest & closest parking spot around you or your destination.
Parking payments
Pay for parking on all parking zones (incl. blue zones), in parking houses and shopping malls.
Parking information
See parking prices and other info about parking zones or daily & monthly fees for parking houses and malls.
Expiring ticket notification
Get a notification when your parking ticket is about to expire & extend it easily with two taps.
Availabile parking spots
See how many parking spots are currently available in parking houses (and soon on  streets too).
Parking providers:

Shared e-mopeds

Find, reserve & rent shared mopeds directly from the app.
Find mopeds
See all available shared e-
mopeds on the map with a walking time indication.
Reserve & rent the scooter
Instantly book and rent mopeds around you in just a few taps.
Combine mopeds with public transport
Citymove can suggest the best combination of mopeds and public transport to get you to your destination as soon as possible.
See the price before you ride
Citymove can calculate how much you would pay for the ride to your destination and lets you compare it with other modes of transport.
Easy parking anywhere
Stop wasting time looking for a place to park, just leave the vehicle in any public parking zone.
Quick and eco-friendly
The fastest way through the city. No noise, no local emissions and a lot of fun!
Shared mopeds provider:

Shared cars

Find a shared car for any occasion from shopping to travelling abroad.
Find shared cars
See all available shared cars on the map with a walking time indication.
Get info about the car
Find basic info like renting price directly in the app.
Combine Uniqway with public transport
Citymove can suggest the best combination of Uniqway and public transport to find the fastest way to your destination.
See the price before you ride
Citymove can calculate how much you would pay for the ride to your destination and compares it to other modes of transport.
Rent a car directly from it's owner
HoppyGo is a peer-2-peer car sharing, allowing you to rent any car directly from it's owner for a reasonable price.
coming soon
New carsharing soon
We are working on adding new car sharing service as soon as possible.
Shared cars providers:
+ more coming soon!

Charging stations

Find the closest PRE charging station and pay for charging directly from the app.
Search for charging stations
Choose your closest charging station from the map or from the list.
See current availability of the stations
See which stations are currently booked or available to use.
Pay for charging
Scan the QR code on the charging station and pay for charging directly from the app.
Charging stations provider
+ more coming soon

COVID testing points

Find closest COVID testing point according to your current location and needs.
Testing points on map
Find the closest testing point directly from a map or from an ordered list
Filter places by test type
Choose what kind of test you need. With or without a reservation or with drive-in access.
Important info and link to reservation
You'll see an opening hours of each place and how to get there. Making a reservation is just one tap away.
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