How can I add new payment card to Citymove?

If you need to edit your credit card information, use link and enter your email used to register with an MPLA partner. Your will receive an email with "magic link" that will redirect you to the MPLA virtual card management.

Go to the main menu

and pick option "Platební karta" (payment card) section.

Click on the button "Nová platební karta" (New payment card) at the bottom of the page. On the next page click on the button "Ověřit platební kartu" (Verify payment card).

After card verification you have to set the new card as primary. Open the new added card and click on "Primární" (primary).

The following parking payments will be paid from your new card.

More here:

Why do I keep seeing motion analysis notifications on my phone?

You must have “Advanced features” turned on in order to receive smart notifications. This will turn on a notification informing you about motion analysis. If you have the notification displayed on your phone, the reason is one of the following:

 - you have location services set to “Always” in the app,
 - you have a confirmed smart notifications subscription
 - you have an Android 9 operating system or older, which, unfortunately, has limited options for enabling location services

My GPS location is inaccurate.

Turn on your wifi. Like any app that uses location services, citymove works better if your wifi services are on, even if you are not connected to any network.

How do I change the language in the Citymove app?

The app is available in two languages: Czech and English. The language is automatically configured based on the phone language. If Czech is your phone’s primary language, the app will also be in Czech. The same applies for English.

If you have a language other than Czech or English set up on your phone, the app will be in English. However, if you have your native language as your primary language and Czech as your secondary language, the app will be in Czech.

Why should I enter a payment method?

Currently, there is no need to submit payment methods into the app. The MPLA (parking) and Freebike accounts are created on the side of these partners. We are working on the payment method for Liftago, but at the moment there is no option to pay for Liftago through the app, it has to be done directly to the driver - by cash or by card if available.

Registration and login
Do I have to register in the Citymove app?

No, the Citymove app always finds the best connection to your destination even without a registration. However, in order to make a booking for mobility services, it is necessary to register with us. Then you can use our app to use various mobility services without having to register for each new service.

How can I register in the Citymove application?

To log in just use existing Google, Facebook, Apple or ŠKODA ID account. Or use your email and password.

Is it possible to cancel my Citymove account?

Yes, the account can be canceled. If you wish to cancel your account, please contact us using the form in the Contacts section.

Does the app remember which login method I use?

Yes, the app remembers how you last logged in. If you log out of your profile and want to log back in, the app will offer you the last used login method.

Why do I only see one type of login in the app?

The Citymove app offers several login options: Google, Facebook, ŠKODA ID, Apple ID (iPhone only), or by using your email and a password. If you only see one of these login options in the app, it is because you last logged in to the app using this option. If you want the app to show all of the login options, simply click on “Show more login options” on the app’s home screen.

Why does the app log me out?

If the Citymove app is constantly logging you out, contact us by using the form in the “Contacts” section, or by email at

I need to change / update my credit card for parking payments.

If you need to edit your credit card information, use link and enter your email used to register with an MPLA partner. Your will receive an email with "magic link" that will redirect you to the MPLA virtual card management.

Go to the main menu

and pick option "Platební karta" (payment card) section.

Click on the button "Nová platební karta" (New payment card) at the bottom of the page. On the next page click on the button "Ověřit platební kartu" (Verify payment card).

After card verification you have to set the new card as primary. Open the new added card and click on "Primární" (primary).

The following parking payments will be paid from your new card.

More info you can find here:

What if my payment fails?

The most common cause of the card payment failure is the setting of MO/TO limits (limits for payments without entering the CVV/CVC), which are important for the payments made via the card saved in the app. In order for the payment to be approved the MO/TO limit must be set correctly, it is important to check this in your online banking or by contacting your bank.

Other causes of the payment failure could be that the card saved in the app has expired, has been reported as lost to the bank or there is not enough funds available. If the bank rejects the payment, we won’t be able to say what was the specific reason for it, therefore for more information it is best to contact your bank.

In unusual cases it is possible that the payment failure is due to a weak internet signal in the current location or other technical problem. For more information or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I want to change/delete vehicle licence plates.

You can manage the license plates in the Profile > License plates section.

What should I do if I see a wrong prepaid time after payment?

You may have switched off the Date & Time feature on your phone (settings to obtain time zones from the local network). In this case, you need to set the phone to have time and zones obtained from the local network.

I did not get a receipt.

Proof of payment/receipt is sent immediately after payment confirmation to the email you have entered in the application. Check that the email you entered is correct and does not include any typos. Also check the Junk E-mail folder. The email may have been marked as spam. If necessary, contact the info line of our parking service partner

How can I pay for parking with Citymove app?

After you join your MPLA account in your profile in your connected accounts section, the parking fee will be paid through your account.

I can't extend the parking time.

Parking in paid parking zones is limited to a certain maximum time, which depends on the type of zone you park in. (eg. the maximum parking time in the blue zone is 3 hours). When this time is reached, the system will not allow you to make another payment and extend the parking time.

What happens if the parking zones on the street do not match the displayed zone in the app?

It may happen that the Technical Road Administration will re-label parking zones on the street faster than they update their information system. In this case, the data in the app may differ from what is displayed on the street. Even in this case, you can safely pay for the parking through the Citymove app. Your card will be charged the correct amount corresponding to the on-street layout as virtual and physical parking meters are synchronised instantly.

I need proof of payment for parking.

If you need to edit your credit card information, use link and enter your email used to register with an MPLA partner. Your will receive an email with "magic link" that will redirect you to the MPLA virtual card management. Add a new card here in the „Inkasní prostředky“ tab and then set it as the primary (the button at the bottom of the screen). The following citymove parking payments will already use your updated card.

How do I add / edit my Vehicle licence plates?

For faster parking payments, you can save the license plates of your vehicles. You can enter the license plates in the “Profile” by clicking on “Vehicle license plates”. If you alternate several vehicles when paying for parking, you can add a note to each license plate – e.g., the type of vehicle, its colour, or whether it is a company or personal vehicle.

When can I claim a refund?

You can request a refund in the case of duplicate payments in the Citymove application. This problem is generally resolved by MPLA automatically by adding credit to your MPLA card, which is subsequently used for the next payment for parking.

Even though the Citymove application is protected against duplicate payments, it is possible that these payments will sometime occur due to following reasons:

- outage of services attributable to the payment card;

- your internet connection is rather weak and the response of the Citymove application to your purchase is therefore slow;

- your mobile device is slow and the Citymove application therefore needs more time to respond;

- there is an outage of services on the side of our partner for provision of services for parking payments.


When the refund cannot be claimed?

The purchase process of parking tickets through the Citymove application works in the same manner as with purchasing a ticket from an on-street parking machine. If the user makes an incorrect payment out of negligence or by mistake, it is impossible to cancel the ticket and refund the money. This may include the following situations:  

- The ticket is purchased for an incorrect car registration number

- The ticket is purchased for a wrong zone

- The ticket is purchased for a longer time than necessary

- The parking time is not used up during the whole period purchased

- The parking fee is paid before entering the parking zone where there is no free parking space

We recommend saving the registration number of your car in your profile. In the case of several vehicles, there is an option to specify car registration numbers with an additional description.

How do I proceed to obtain the refund?

If a duplicate payment occurs in the Citymove application, credit should be credited automatically to your MPLA card in the amount of the duplicate payments. Unless this happens or if you want the money to be returned to your payment card, you can apply for the refund using one of these two methods:

1.) Contact the customer support of our parking partner at:
2.) Contact our Citymove support at:

In both cases, you need to provide the following information:

- how the duplicate payment occurred
- type of the operating system of your mobile device (iOS / Android)
- street or the identification number of the parking zone where your ticket was purchased
- registration number of the car for which the parking fee was paid
- time and date of payment
- amount paid for parking
- where you want the money to be sent (credit to the MPLA account or your payment card)

We will use the above information to determine the cause of the duplicate payment and will verify whether you are entitled to the refund. The money will be returned to you as credit to your MPLA account. If you prefer the money to be remitted to your credit card, you must inform us in this respect.

What is MPLA?

MPLA is a company that is the operator of the most widespread mobile payment system on the Czech market.

What is the difference between an MPLA card and a payment card?

A payment card is your personal card that you received from your bank. An MPLA card is the name for the identification number of a virtual card, which contains a 16-digit numerical code that you can generate in the user interface and then pair in the app as a parking payment method.

How to create an MPLA profile for paying for parking?

Creating an account for paying for parking is easy. All you will need to do is log in to the Citymove app and then go to your profile. In your profile, click on “Linked Accounts” and then the “Connect MPLA (parking payments)” button. Then click on the “Create a new MPLA account” button, and then you will be asked to verify your payment card that will be used to automatically pay for parking. After verifying the payment, your MPLA will be created and immediately paired with the Citymove app, and you will be able to immediately pay for parking. A welcome e-mail with information about the MPLA card will be then sent to your e-mail.

Connecting using the MPLA PAN number

You can also connect your MPLA account to the Citymove app through the MPLA card. Each MPLA card has its own identification number, i.e., a 16-digit number called the “PAN” number. Here you can see, where to find your PAN number. If you know your PAN number, simply take the following steps: Profile -> Connected accounts ->

Connect MPLA (parking payments) -> Connect existing MPLA account.

Enter the 16-digit MPLA card number in the text and click on the “Connect MPLA account” button.

More info you can find here:

Where can I find the MPLA card number?

To acquire your MPLA card number, you must log in to manage your MPLA account.

You will need to access your MPLA profile in order to manage your MPLA profile and change payment methods, or to change your MPLA card settings. The best way to do this is through the Citymove app by clicking on “Profile” in the bottom menu, then on “Connected accounts”, then on “MPLA (parking payments)”, and finally by selecting “Change payment method”. You should be redirected to the MPLA profile immediately. If you see the login page, click on “User” and enter the e-mail to which your MPLA card is registered, or the registration e-mail that you use to log in to the Citymove app.

Once you are in the MPLA profile, you will need to expand the menu in the upper left corner and select the “Card” option.

Click on the details of your MPLA card (it should appear as something like “1st card”)

and look for the PAN number, which contains a 16-digit number.

This is your MPLA card number.

I was charged a higher amount for parking than the amount displayed in the app.

This will occur only if you have chosen the “Invoice payment” mode when you registered, which charges a monthly fee of CZK 25 + VAT for each vehicle. For more information, contact MPLA support at:

If you experience this kind of error, please contact the MPLA (provider of parking payments) at

Public transport
I'm trying to buy a ticket for public transport, but the SMS ticket doesn't come.

You can get an SMS ticket only with a SIM card of Czech operators and you must also have the Premium SMS service activated. In case of any problems with the SMS ticket, please contact the Prague Public Transit Company using the online form at

Where can I use the public transport ticket bought through the Citymove app?

The SMS ticket is valid as a transfer ticket in Prague, only in the P- tariff zone. (metro, trams, public bus lines nr. 100–299 a 501–599 and funicular to Petřín. It does not apply in the 0, B and in the external tariff zones. Does not apply to ČD trains. More information about tariff zones can be found here:

I don’t get any results.

Please ensure that you have a working internet connection. Otherwise, the following may be the cause:

  • You’re on the outskirts of a city and are too far away from a station. Please try changing your start/end point to the closest station.
  • Your start and end points are too close, so we can’t find any public transit routes. Try using a location further away.
How do I set my home or work address?

In order for routes to be found faster, you should set your home and work address. You can set the addresses in the “Profile” by clicking on “Home address” / “Work address”. The address will be saved after it is entered. You can change your addresses at any time or delete them by clicking on the red trashcan icon in the upper right corner.

How do you calculate routing results?

We use advance multimodal routing algorithms. We spend a lot of time improving our routing results to make them even better and appreciate user feedback to help us do so.

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