At the beginning of April, several changes will be introduced to the Citymove application, mainly in the parking section. This article will take a closer look at what’s coming.

On the Easter Monday on the first of April don’t forget to update your Citymove app.. A new virtual parking clock will be waiting for you in the parking section, allowing you to shorten and cancel parking early if you leave the place earlier.

Everything will work as before; only when choosing the parking length you will be able to select the exact parking length with the new rotary interface. For example, instead of choosing between 30 and 45 minutes, you can select 37 minutes. During parking, you will have the option to shorten or extend the length or end it early. Parking payment will be made using pre-authorised payments, and then, after the end of your parking session, your card will be charged the exact amount.

Many users called for the early parking termination function, and the city also requested it. We hope this feature will make your life easier.

However, because of this, we had to change the provider of the payment gateway, which means that it will be necessary to upload the payment card again. Luckily, this will not apply to CCS cards. Starting in May, a small service fee will also be introduced on parking payments to cover the increased costs of new feature development and customer support.

The last change is the termination of card payments for public transport tickets. This feature will be replaced by SMS tickets instead. Unfortunately, the fee for each transaction would be higher than the margin on the sale, so it is not sustainable for us to continue with this function. We're sorry about this change, but we hope you'll understand why this feature is discontinued.