If your business needs help with paying for parking on the streets of Prague, Citymove has two solutions for you.

You can pay with your company credit card. Alternatively, if your company uses CCS cards, you can also park with them. On the other hand, we do not allow summary payments on invoices. However, we trust that you will choose between the first two solutions.

The procedure is similar in both cases:Each relevant employee installs the Citymove app and sets up an account, perhaps by company email. A tax receipt for each payment will be sent to this email. The payment method must then be added in the "Profile" tab.

  1. The employee can choose a payment card, and a tax receipt will be sent to their email. No summary billing is provided by Citymove, so individual receipts must be collected or downloaded from the "My Activity" section of the app.
  2. The other option is to add a CCS card. When entering the CCS card, you need to provide an email address where you will receive a payment confirmation from CCS. Entering the same company email when registering or following the company's policy is recommended. CCS will then send a summary of all cards and transactions made to the person responsible for your company each month. Again, the tax receipt for each parking ticket is downloadable in the "My Activity" section and goes to the email entered when the user registers.

When inserting a CCS card, it is necessary to know the CVV code of the card, which is not written on the card but is obtained by the person responsible in the CCS customer portal. The procedure to get it is here.

After adding the card to your Citymove account, you can pay for parking in all Prague parking zones: blue, purple and orange. The exceptions are parking houses, P+R car parks, and garages within Mr. Parkit's service.

Since April, the app allows you to store one standard payment card and one CCS card and switch between them. You can use your card when parking privately and park with your CCS card when travelling on business.

If you still have questions, contact Citymove customer support at support@citymove.app or CCS support at zakaznicka.podpora@ccs.cz.

We hope Citymove will serve you well. 🙂‍