You've often asked us about it, and it's finally here. Starting in January, the new version of the app will allow you to park with your company's CCS card. This will apply to all three CCS Limit cards (Limit, Limit Plus, Limit Exclusive).

Citymove: ccs card

Where can I park with my CCS card?

Once you've added your card to your Citymove account, you can park in all parking zones in Prague: blue, purple and orange. The exceptions are parking houses, P+R car parks and garages within the Mr. Parkit service. The CCS card can't be used to pay for Prague public transport tickets.

How to add the card to the app?

In the app's bottom right corner, click "Profile" and then "Payment card". There, you can add a new card or replace an existing one. In either case, the app will ask if you want to add a CCS or standard payment card (credit or debit). Adding a new card will replace the old card. Citymove currently only allows you to pair a user account with one card.

Citymove: Adding CCS card

Where can I get the CVV code for my CCS card?

The first time you enter your CCS card, you will also need its CVV code. This will be obtained by the person responsible at the CCS customer service. The full detailed procedure for obtaining the CVV code can be found here. If you are unsure, please contact CCS Customer Support at 266 108 108 or email

What if I can't pay with my card?

  1. Please make sure you have the latest version of the app and update it if necessary
  2. Check that your CCS card is valid and that you have correctly copied the card number and CVV code into the app
  3. Make sure that parking payments are authorised on your CCS card by an authorised person from your company

What if I want to pay with CCS parking and another card for tickets?

At the moment, you can only add one card to your Citymove account. However, you can create a second account, perhaps on your work email, to which you add a CCS card for company car parking. You can then continue using the private account to pay for tickets or private parking and switch between the two. We understand this is not an ideal solution, but we are already working on improvements.