A blanket, a tow rope, an accident form, an energy bar, a USB cable... A few extra items could quickly solve an unexpected problem on the road for you or other drivers in trouble. We have prepared a list of "optional equipment" that will support your safety, but also comfort on the road.

Currently, by law, we only have to carry a first aid kit, a warning triangle, and a spare tire or a tire repair kit in the car. The driver is also obliged to use a reflective vest in certain situations, so at least one should not be missing in the car. But today we will focus on what we don't need to drive with, and what will make our journey more pleasant and get us out of trouble or discomfort quickly. Let's go.

Traffic accident record form. Thanks to this form, you can resolve minor accidents by agreement without having to call the police. The form is not mandatory, but it will save you time and money - because without it, you will have to call the police and probably one of you will also get fined.

Tow rope. It is no longer part of the mandatory equipment, but it can be useful. Nowadays, even if the problem with an immobilized car is solved by assistance for free, a rope can save a lot of time. It can also come in handy if you fall into a ditch or a snowdrift with your car.

Jump leads. It is especially suitable for owners of older cars and if you suspect that your car battery is past its best years. Similarly, as a tow rope, jump leads can help not only you but also any other driver in trouble.

A small jerrican. You can carry the windshield washer fluid in these. If you choose a jerrican with a wider neck and an extension, it can also be used for petrol in case of an emergency. If you run out of petrol, you can of course call for assistance. But getting a ride to a petrol station and back can be much faster.

Spare kit and fuses. If you own an older car, it is not a problem to replace a light bulb or fuse yourself, be sure to carry a spare kit. In modern cars, it's rather worthless - headlights are rarely defective and it's rarely designed in such a way that you can reach the bulb.

Work gloves. Today, most of us will probably not repair the car ourselves on the road. However, there may be a need to change a tire, put on snow chains, or connect a towing device to the car. In such cases, gloves will protect your hands from dirt and injury

Reflective vest for every passenger. It can be useful in emergencies where the crew has to leave a parked vehicle. It is ideal to have one vest in each door compartment, or at least for the driver and passenger, or an extra vest in the compartment under the dashboard.

Fire extinguisher. In Czechia, it is not mandatory to carry one in our cars, but it can come in useful - in the event of an accident or an electronic malfunction, you can use it to nip a fire in the bud and save yourself a lot of trouble and money. It is also a means by which you can help as a witness to an accident.

Breathalyzer. Do not drink when driving. This should be the rule for everybody. But when it happens, e.g. when you go to a party with friends, where you will sleep over, but you drank too much. The breathalyzer will assure you whether you can go drive home in the morning without any fear of a fine, or whether you should wait a little longer.

Phone holder. A carelessly placed phone in the car can tempt you to pick it up while driving - especially when you unexpectedly need navigation. At least a simple holder should always be in the car. Of course, the stronger the better – it prevents the phone from falling and keeps the device in place even in the event of an accident.

Phone charger. While driving, we often deplete our phone batteries by using navigation or playing music. By this, we are risking, that it will drain the phone battery right before we need it the most - either in case of an accident or when we want to let our loved ones know that we will be late. The charger for the mobile phone should not be missing from the car.

Torch. Today, a torch is a part of every mobile phone. But it doesn't shine far and a more powerful torch might be useful. A headlight is perfect for this case. We can use it during repairs or when searching for things in the car. The flashlight will also be appreciated by those who regularly go to, for example, the cottage or anywhere where the street lamps are missing.

Snow scraper. Carry at least take the little one in your car all year round. That's the only way you'll have it at hand when the first snow or frost surprises you. Then add in the bigger one with a broom for the winter. Great gadgets are scrapers with a sleeve that will protect your hand from frost and moisture.

Blanket. An old blanket in the trunk of a car is useful not only when transporting items, but also in case of repairs or perhaps when changing a tire. It will save you even if you have to spend the night in the car or wait in line for a long time (perhaps even in winter). A collapsible sleeping bag will also work great.

Wet wipes. There are several situations when you may get your hands dirty - when loading things into the trunk, refilling the windshield washer fluid, changing a tire, or refueling. Wet wipes will help to get rid of the worst dirt, even the dirty interior of the car from driving or spilled drinks.

Sunglasses. There is nothing worse than driving in the direction of a sunset. The sky may clear up unexpectedly and we just won't have sunglasses with us. That's why it comes in handy to keep at least some old ones hidden in the car compartment or those that you can buy for a few crowns.

A bottle of water. It can save you during several hours-long traffic jams but also on a trip if you forget to pack the water. You can also use it as an emergency windshield fluid. The bottle should not be broached to prevent the water from spoiling.

Energy bar. It will save you when in a traffic jam on your trip, but also when you are tired. Choose durable sticks that are not subject to temperature changes, so they will last in the car for months. An oat flapjack or maybe an energy gel, but also a pack of grape sugar or caffeine tablets against fatigue.

Do you carry any extra equipment in your car? And did any item help you to make the trip more pleasant? Such a situation can arise at any time. And a few things in the trunk and compartments of the car can significantly reduce the time it takes to solve the problem or at least make the waiting more pleasant. Therefore, don't hesitate to carry a few extra "trifles" in the car - for example together in one specific box or bag in the trunk of the car.