‍You can park in comfort even in Prague 1 or 2. Short-term in blue zones, long-term in the garages run by Mr. Parkit. With the Citymove app, you can easily pay for both using your mobile phone and find the cheapest parking zone in the area. Here are some hints on how to park smart in the city centre. So let’s go!

For a few days, even, and at little cost

The ideal choice for affordable long-term and medium-term parking in the centre of Prague is Mr. Parkit. The service is integrated in the Citymove application, where you can choose a parking garage by location or price. A few clicks and you can reserve a place in the garage. You will then get a code or instructions on how to get there. The space will be yours for the duration, and you can leave the garage and return again as you wish. The minimum duration is 12 hours, but you can also arrange a garage space for a month.

Read more about how it all works at Mr. Parkit in this article.

Garages in the centre of Prague: comfort and safety

The best options for medium and short-term parking are underground garages in the centre of Prague, which also guarantee the safety for your car. There are garages right in the centre itself - at the Kotva and Palladium shopping centres - or a short walk from Václavské náměstí (Slovan and Museum garages). Garages in the centre are sometimes worth using even for short-term parking – you can find a place in them faster and more easily than on the street for the same price or better: at Rudolfinum you pay 60 CZK an hour, 660 CZK for 24 hours, underneath the National Theatre 50 CZK an hour, and 720 CZK for the day, although only 480 CZK for each day after that.

Hint: there are also uncovered parking lots with attendants in the centre of Prague – for example in Těšnov or in Hradební Street at Štefánikův most. These are run by city hall and you pay 80 and 60 CZK an hour. There are also “secret” private parking lots: one is located right in the heart of Malá Strana (Lesser Town), where you enter from Nosticova street through Altány Kampa restaurant. But remember that such parking lots might be more expensive than parking on the street.

Parking in a zone: half an hour for a few crowns and free overnight

The best option for short-term parking in the centre is a paid parking zone. Depending on the type of zone and location, you will pay from 20 to 80 CZK per hour. You can use these zones for half an hour only, if your want – picking up a parcel or some people or running a quick errand can cost you as little as 10 CZK. Some zones are free on weekends or overnight.

You can see all zones in advance in Citymove and choose the cheapest one near your destination: Purple zones for 60 CZK an hour can be found at Dvořákovo nábřeží and in the vicinity, for example, around Národní, Na Perštýně, and Spálená streets, at Janáčkovo nábřeží, and on Karlovo náměstí or in the middle of Václavské náměstí.

Hint: With Citymove, you can park in any paid parking zone, including blue zones (where you won't find ticket machines). Pay directly from the car or on the way from the car, and the application lets you know when your ticket is due to expire and offers the possibility of prolonging your parking remotely in the application. With Citymove, you can now pay directly with an inserted payment card, so there's no need for any further registration.

Parking in Prague doesn't have to be a chore – with Citymove, you can go for certainty or find a parking space in advance and park in peace. Perhaps, though, you are a novice driver and still don't want to throw yourself into the traffic in Prague, instead preferring to get to the centre in comfort by Metro from a large parking lot where you can always find a space. Take a look at overview of P+R car parks, where you can park for just a few crowns and take public transport to the centre.