Paid parking in Prague does not have to be just a tedious looking for an expensive parking space in the city centre and wrestling with a parking meter. Thanks to the Citymove application, you can now park in the centre of Prague from just CZK 8.30 per hour and also in the safety of a garage. Below we tell you how to use the application, together with a few tips for cheap parking in Prague.

The Citymove application was developed for everyone who needs to get around Prague fast and hassle-free. The application monitors the movement of public transport vehicles, will plan the fastest route, you can use it to loan a shared scooter, to buy a ticket but also to park carefree in a blue zone or a carpark. And we have moved convenient parking in Prague a little further – we have integrated the Mr. Parkit service into the Citymove application. Let’s go through the options of cheap and easy parking in Prague.

Rent a garage space in Prague through Citymove

Having a garage in the centre of Prague is a luxury, which, however, everyone can now afford. Just open the Citymove application, select Parking and choose a garage with the yellow Mr. Parkit icon on the map according to your preferences. The menu and garage “rules” will expand – you will immediately see the price per hour, day and weekend, the maximum rental period, dimensions of the car and instructions how to get to the garage.

A garage parking space can be booked and paid for in advance in just two minutes through Citymove. The minimum rental period is 12 hours, but it is entirely up to you how long you will park there or if you need to leave and park your car again – Mr. Parkit is like a hotel room for your car. And remember, the price for 12 hours in a garage through the Citymove application is often cheaper than 4-5 hours of parking on the street.    

And how does it work exactly? First, you create a booking.  When you arrive at the location, some garages can be opened by your mobile phone. In other garages, the garage attendant will open the door. How does opening with your mobile phone work? After your booking is confirmed, you will receive a phone number, which you will use when entering the garage. After arriving at the garage, just dial the number, the door will open, and you will simply park your car. This verification is free of charge, and it doesn’t matter what phone you will call from.

Our tip: The parking space you have booked won’t be snatched from you and can drive out and return repeatedly. You can also book parking in Prague from as little as CZK 398 per weekend for your visitors arriving in Prague.   

Quick navigation to underground garages

Finding a garage in the hustle of a big city, not missing a difficult-to-spot entrance by mistake and not having to make a difficult journey back to the garage… what wouldn’t we sometime give for that, right? The Citymove application maps underground garages and parking houses all over Prague. On the map, carparks are marked with a blue icon with a roof – just click on it and enter Navigate here. Now you will surely find the way to the garage.  

In Citymove, we try to provide drivers with as much information as possible – therefore, more and more garages are added for which you can view, directly in the application, the number of available spaces as well as the price that you will pay on site, and you can thus immediately select a cheaper alternative. In those garages, you can’t unfortunately book a parking space, but they are ideal if you are nearby. Moreover, some garages are free of charge at certain times

Cheapest street parking in Prague

It is near impossible to find cheap street parking in Prague with the “naked eye”, let alone to understand all the signs and zone colours. With Citymove, this task becomes a child’s play. You can clearly see all Prague parking zones on the map. Just click on it and information about the zone will expand – you will know immediately and with certainty how long you can park there, how much it will cost you or whether there is a cheaper and better parking option nearby – perhaps even a Mr. Parking garage.

You can park in Prague in all zones, including the blue, resident zone. The zones differ only in the price per hour and, obviously, the maximum period of parking. But if you just need to load something in your car or to wait for someone, parking in the blue zone is also cheap – you will pay CZK 15 for 15 minutes. It is possible to park for free in the orange and purple zones (at certain times, e.g. in the evening or early in the morning).

Park and ride with Citymove

You will find P+R (“park and ride”) carparks in the vicinity of most terminal or peripheral metro stations. Those carparks provide cheap parking for CZK 50 or 100 per day (some of them are free of charge for 12 hours). For a price from CZK 200 to 300, you can leave your car there overnight. The rest of the journey to your destination can be reached by metro or perhaps on a BeRider scooter, which can also be rented directly via Citymove.

P+R carparks in Prague are located at the Skalka, Zličín, Nové Butovice, Kotlářka, Písnice, Švehlova, Chodov, Ládví, Letňany, Rajská zahrada, Černý Most, Holešovice Railway Station and Hostivař Depot metro stations. If, on the other hand, you are taking someone to the train or the metro, you can stop for 3 minutes at the K+R parking spaces (yes, the abbreviation indeed comes from the self-explanatory “kiss and ride”).

Problems with parking in Prague sometimes arise from unfamiliarity with rules or unclear signage. Thanks to Citymove, all information is available to you in a well-arranged format, allowing you to identify immediately “what you can afford” and how to make the most of parking options in the hubbub of a big city.