Are you leaving from the Main Station on holiday? Do you need to park at Masaryk's Train Station or drop your friends off at Holešovice station or Vysočany? We have practical suggestions for parking at the station and tips for long-term parking at a reasonable price.

Whether you take the train to work or whether rail is more synonymous with trips, parking near the station will make every journey much easier. In this easy-to-follow guide, you'll discover how to park near Prague's most important stations and transport hubs. Find out where it is worth parking and when it is better to use more distant parking options. Whether you need to drop off or pick up your loved ones quickly, you're meeting someone on the platform or looking for parking for several days.

Prague Main Station

Dropping off and loading the passenger: Do you just need to "drop someone on the train" quickly and don't want to break the rules by stopping at the bus station or the reserved taxi space in front of the entrance to the historic museum building on Wilsonova street? Instead, go to Opletalova street, which is vast and has plenty of room to stop, unload your luggage, and say goodbye.

Short-term parking: Directly in Opletalova street is a purple zone with a parking tariff of 60 CZK/hour. The street is only a few steps across the park from the main station building. The most convenient is the Wilsonova parking lot, which has an uncovered part right next to the main street, and you can pay from 45 CZK/hour.

Long-term parking: The Wilsonova Garage, the Museum Garage, and the Main Station Parking Complex are suitable for long-term parking. If you are going by train for a weekend or holiday and plan to park for several days, it will be more convenient to leave your car outside the centre and arrive at the station by metro. Alternatively, you can use Mr.Parkit's private garages, which you can simply book through the Citymove app. Specifically, the garages in Dudova, Španělská, Olivová, and Opletalova streets. The price for parking starts from CZK 250 for 12 hours.

Masaryk’s Train Station

Dropping off and loading the passenger: Na Florenci street is suitable for a quick stop, where there is not as much traffic as on the opposite Hybernská street. There are also purple zones in V Celnici street.

Short-term parking: Na Florenci street, a few steps from the station, has a purple zone with a 60 CZK/hour rate. With the Citymove app, you can pay for just 10 or 15 minutes of parking, so accompanying a passenger will cost you a few crowns.

Long-term parking: Masarykovo Railway Station is a short walk from the Main Station, using the same parking capacity is possible. There is also the Celnice parking garage nearby, where an hour costs 50 CZK, and for 24 hours you will pay 600 CZK.

Prague Holešovice Train Station

Dropping off and loading the passenger: There are orange zones in front of the station in Vrbenského street with a 40 CZK/hour tariff. However, in all zones, you can stop for three minutes for free, enough to drop off a passenger.

Short-term parking: If you need to park for the day, use the P+R car park next to the station building. Another option is the Jankovcova street car park, which operates on the principle of the purple zone, and you pay 20 CZK/hour. If you use Citymove, you can extend your parking directly in the app - depending on the length of your trip or if your train is delayed.

Long-term parking: If you need to park for more than one day, you can find the cheapest parking in the garage of The Fizz building on Na Zatorach street. You can book a parking space directly in Citymove via Mr. Parkit, and 24 hours will cost you 249 CZK.

Prague Smíchov Train Station

Dropping off and loading the passenger: You can make a quick stop right in front of the station - just drive in front of the entrance at the metro station level. There is a purple zone with an hourly rate of 20 CZK, so you can leave your car here even if you are going to accompany a passenger.

Short-term parking: In addition to the zone mentioned above, you can also park in the purple zone on Nádražní street in the direction of the centre, where the cost per hour is CZK 10. You can park here for up to 12 hours - so if you are going by train, e.g., on a trip, it is worth parking here. (The nearest parking house costs 500 CZK/day.)

Long-term parking: For several days, one of the Mr. Parkit garages is worthwhile - for example, the Anděl Park - Radlická garage costs CZK 399 per day.

Prague Vršovice Train Station

Dropping off and loading the passenger: You can stop right in front of the station on Ukrajinská street - just be careful not to get in the way of the buses that stop here.

Short-term parking: In Ukrajinská street, you will find a purple zone with a 30 CZK/hour tariff. If you want to save money and don't mind a bit of a walk, there are zones on the other side of the station that are 10 CZK cheaper.

Long-term parking: You can park in the purple zones around Vršovice railway station for up to 12 hours. There are no long-term parking lots or garages near the station.

Prague Libeň Train Station

Dropping off and loading the passenger: For a quick drop-off, you don't have to stop at the busy Ceskomoravská street - you can drive right in front of the station building, where there is a small parking lot.

Short-term parking: If space is right in front of the station, you can leave your car there even if you are walking towards someone. Another option is the mixed purple zone in Českomoravská street with a 30 CZK/hour tariff.

Long-term parking: If you drive and take the train to Prague for work, it is worth parking at Galeria Harfa, where they offer cards for regular customers from CZK 1,600 per month. Another option for long-term parking is the parking lot on Stara Spojovací Street, costing 600 CZK/day.

Prague Vysočany Train Station

Dropping off and loading the passenger: Vysocany railway station is undergoing extensive reconstruction. Passengers board trains on temporary platforms with access via a staircase west of the original entrance. However, it is possible to arrive by car and stop on Podnádražní street directly in front of the "entrance".

Short-term parking: If you need to park for a longer period of time, you can use the purple zones in Podnádražní, Paříkova, or Pešlova streets. All of them cost 30 CZK/hour.

Long-term parking: For the whole day, you can use the Pešlova parking lot (at the corner of Pešlova and Paříkova). For more days, the Mr. Parkit garage in Peslova street is worthwhile. You can order a parking space here directly in Citymove, and the price is 299 CZK/24 hours.