Prague is a hilly metropolis rich in viewpoints - both those where you can see the whole historical city, and ones where you’ll feel like you are in the countryside. Many of them can be reached by car comfortably; on some, you don't even have to get out of the car for a nice view. Let's take a look at some of them.

Baba viewpoint: Easy parking and the whole of Prague right in front of you

The viewpoint in the residential area Baba, with a view of the local ruins, but also of the meander of the Vltava, Dejvice, and Hradčany, is one of the greatest classics among Prague's "car viewpoints". You can park on-site in the blue zones Nad Paťankou Street or Na Ostrohu Street, where you can pay for parking for up to 3 hours using the Citymove app - for example if you want to have a picnic near the ruins. Be careful not to park outside the zone at the end of Na Ostrohu street. There is a free space, but parking is not allowed here.

Kněževes viewpoint: For aviation enthusiasts

A viewpoint which you can find on a map also as a “viewpoint over the airport“, or „Václav Havel Airport Spotting Point RWY 06/24“ is a favorite place for so-called spotters or enthusiasts who love to watch and take a picture of the aircraft. You can reach the viewpoint by car through village Kněževes following the street Na Staré silnici and then take the first exit of the roundabout. There is a parking space right next to the observation deck - if you're lucky, you'll be able to watch the planes right from the comfort of your car. But it is better to climb to the platform to enjoy a greater view.

Tip: Download the Flightradar24 app to your mobile to keep track of which planes are approaching to land or preparing to take off. In this way, you will know exactly which plane is currently flying and where it is headed.

Císařská louka: View over the river on Vyšehrad

The northern tip of the island Císařská louka offers an unusual view of Vyšehrad over the Vltava river. You can get here by car without any worries - just get to Strakonická street towards the city center and turn onto the island behind the InSportLine store (before you reach the Shell gas station). You can reach the viewpoint at the end of the street called Císařská louka. It is ideal to come here in the evening - preferably after nine o'clock when the ferry is no longer running and it will be quiet here. 

Tip: If you want to combine a romantic view with a nice dinner, you can visit the Cinda restaurant right on the island. There is a free carpark opposite the entrance of the restaurant.

V Zámcích viewpoint: By the river with the dynamite behind your back

This viewpoint is located a short way from the city center, but you will feel like you are in the village. Just go to the Bohnice district, drive around the area of the psychiatric hospital (Ústavní Street) and connect to the street called Bohnická. This will take you to its end, to the cycle path ending in Klecany. Here you will find a small parking lot with a nice view of the river and on the opposite side, you will see Sedlecké skály. Behind you will be the former dynamite factory building, that used to be owned by Alfred Nobel & Company, whose famous founder personally opened it in 1870.

Pod Žvahovem viewpoint: For the Concrete jungle lovers

The viewpoint is located here, and you can reach it from the center via Křížová street, which follows exactly the route of the Prague city circuit. From the streets Na Žvahově and Pod Žvahovem there is a unique view of the Vltava, crossed by the concrete monster of the Barrandovský Bridge and the Southern Junction (Jižní spojka), which looks very imposing from an almost bird's eye view. If you want to stay here longer, remember that there are blue zones here as well - but you can pay conveniently via the Citymove app, even for just ten minutes for CZK 7.

Tip: If you don't own a car, but would still like to go on one of these "car viewpoints", we recommend renting a car through the HoppyGo app. It's a people-to-people car-sharing platform that allows private owners to securely rent out their unused cars. Borrowing is simple and without complicated paperwork. 

There are more "car viewpoints" in Prague - some (and unfortunately often the most famous) are often overgrown with bushes and trees and do not give such a nice view as they once did. It is also an example of the viewpoint on Strahov near the exit from the tunnel, which used to be a popular spot for "car enthusiasts" and motorcyclists. The same is true of the Pod Havránkou viewpoint – there is still a place to park here along the road in the neighborhood of the abandoned garden. But it is worth coming here in the autumn when the leaves fall from the ubiquitous bushes. However, both of the mentioned viewpoints offer an alternative - attractive passages that can be called Prague's "mountain passes": From Strahov, it is the winding street Na Hřebenkách with views of the city and beautiful art nouveau villas, and above Troja the serpentine road K Pazderkám - if you drive below it from Bohnice, you will have not only the whole of Prague but also the adjacent vineyards right in front of you.