We already know from the previous article what are some of the best routes in Prague for inline (roller) skating. Today we will take a look at the Prague skating parks, which are more suitable for the very beginners.

Prague’s roller skating parks

Ladronka park circuit

  • Public transport: Vypich (tram stop, bus stop), Obora Hvězda (tram stop, bus stop), Štefkova (bus stop), Kukulova (bus stop)
  • Parking: on Tomanova street (purple zone for 10 CZK/h)
  • Length of the circuit: 4 km
  • Surface: High quality
  • The character of the track: even surface, suitable for beginners
  • Marking: A15

Ladronka is probably the best-known and at the same time the longest purely in-line circuit in Prague, which also has excellent transport accessibility and a pleasant environment of a forest park. At the Ladronka homestead, you can find a restaurant with plenty of seating and skate rental. There is also a playground for children and a bounce area. The circuit is quite busy, so it’s better to come on a weekday or early in the morning on the weekends.

Letná park circuit

  • PT: Sparta (tram stop)
  • Parking: in the adjacent streets (purple zone 40 Kč/h), Letná underground garage (40 CZK/h)
  • Length: 1,3 km
  • Surface: High quality
  • The character of the track: Straight and flat track suitable even for very beginners
  • Marking: A155 

The smooth surface, wide track and a large number of benches attract visitors either for a high-speed skating performance (better early in the morning) or for beginners' practice. In addition, enthusiasts of trek skating regularly meet here, and practice tricks in the summer season under the guidance of experienced professionals or instructors - the lessons are for free every Tuesday in the early evening. You just have to come and join. There is no shortage of refreshments stalls– you can find a stand and seating area right on the route, which cannot be overlooked while passing by. For children, there are plenty of play elements along the route - trampolines are placed right next to refreshments stalls: You can sip coffee or lemonade, while your tireless children can play around. Just take off their skates and let them jump in.

Stromovka park circuit

  • PT: Planetárium Praha (tramvaj stop)
  • Parking: On the street Za Elektrárnou (purple zone, 20 CZK/h), carpark Výstaviště Holešovice (30 CZK/h), garages in Stromovka shopping center (2 hours for free)
  • Length: 1,8 km
  • Surface: Good quality
  • The Character of the track: straight, wide track perfect for beginners
  • Marking: A310

This wide track is usually full of people during weekends – but if you arrive early in the morning or in the middle of the weekday, you will have a great time skating.

The spacious area in front of Šlechtova restaurant (commonly known as Šlechtovka) is also suitable for practice or if you are teaching your children to skate - there is enough space and a perfect surface. Also, there is no lack of refreshments – you will find here the popular Šlechtovka stall with excellent food from the grill, but also other stalls serving beverages. Resting after the activity will be ensured by plenty of benches and seatings around the ponds, where your children will also find plenty of entertainment.

In-line circuit in Letňany

  • PT: Toužimská or Kbelský lesopark (bus stops)
  • Parking: Carpark at Toužimská is for free, parking on adjacent streets is also for free
  • Lenght: 1,8 km
  • Surface: Good quality
  • Characteristics of the track: straight route, suitable for very beginners
  • Marking: A44

If you live on the northern edge of Prague, you should consider setting off to a nice, relatively new, forest park in Letňany. This relaxing area offers such choices as a singletrack for mountain biking, children's playgrounds or disc golf pitches, or an inline skating track. You will find here a small 800m long circuit and other tracks, about 3 km long.