The days are only getting warmer and it gets more and more tempting to go for a carefree ride on roller skates – either with friends, with children, or just on your own to stop for a glass of lemonade. In this article, we bring you tips on the best routes for inline skating in Prague. We know such places where you can skate up to 24 km, choose from the largest selection of refreshments, or discover hidden gems of Prague while skating.

The Longest in-line skating routes in Prague: Alongside the Vltava river in Troja and Modřany

Modřany cycle path:

  • Public transport: Nádraží Braník (tram stop, bus stop, train stop), Nádraží Zbraslav (train stop, bus stop), or ferry on the route from Nádraží Modřany - Lahovice
  • Parking: carpark at Freestyle park, Lodnická street, U Kempingu street (free of charge)
  • Length: 12 km (24 km as a return trip)
  • Surface: Mostly high quality
  • The character of the route: Few gentle mounds – the route is perfect for intermediate and advanced skaters
  • Marking: A2

One of the most popular cycle paths in Prague is attractive for many reasons: Its length (as a return trip) reaches 24 km, and it never gets tedious. Along the way, you will find a varied offer of cafés and restaurants (U Posledniho Kelta, Vodpočívarna, Drive Garden, Rosmarina boat, Costa Coffee food truck, and others), but also many playgrounds in case you go with children. The best time to come here is on a weekday or in the morning - when the weather is nice there are usually a lot of people, on the other hand, the trail is so long that visitors can easily get scattered along the way. The entire trail is lined with public transport and train routes, so getting here (or, conversely, returning after the ride by train or bus from the opposite side of the route) is not a problem. 

Trail from Troja to Klecánky

  • Public transport: Trojská (tram stop, bus stop), or on the other side of the river Klecánky (bus stop), mooring spot for ferries Podhoří and Zámky
  • Parking: right at the route by the docks in Troja (for free), carpark under the Most Barikádníků (bridge)
  • Length: 10 km (20 km return trip)
  • Surface: High-quality road, but you may come across a few crossings of the road network along the way with some rough terrain
  • The character of the route: Two quite steep hillocks are located on the route – suitable for advanced skaters
  • Marking: A2

This one is one of Prague's classic in-line routes which is attractive not only for its length but also for the number of cafés and stalls along the route (the classics include the Trojský kůň, V Ohbí řeky or the restaurant U přívozu). There is an educational trail along the path near the village of Zámky, which will show you (and of course your children) the size and distance of the planets of the solar system, and you will find playgrounds along the way – especially a very nice one is in Troja near the docks. Construction work is currently underway on the cycle path from Loděnice to Trojská lávka. Before you decide to come here, be sure to check where is the most favourable place for you to hop on the cycle path.

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Lesser known Prague cycle paths

Žižkov trail

  • PT: Hlavní nádraží (tram stop, train stop), or Krejcárek (tram stop, bus stop) on the opposite side
  • Parking: On the streets around Krejcárek, there is purple zone parking for 15 or 20 CZK/hour
  • Length: 3 km (6 km return trip)
  • Surface: Smooth and high quality
  • The character of the route: Slight incline, but even beginners can handle it
  • Marking: A25

This one is a less busy route and it's part of the A25 cycle path. It leads from Seifertova Street to the former railway line with an overpass above Husitská Street, where you can find a lovely and unusual view of Prague. Part of the route in the locality of Ohrada then leads through the original railway tunnel - don't worry, the tunnel is illuminated. There are playgrounds by the route (for example, at the Prague Central Camp, where you can also find cafés and grill spots). Other stalls with refreshments are a little further by the swimming pool on Pražačka, and it‘s of course also possible to make a side trip to the viewpoint and the cafe at the Vítkov monument.

Vysočany trail

  • PT: Metro line B Vysočanská station, Nádraží Libeň (tram stop, bus stop), Mezitraťová (bus stop) or Starý Hloubětín (tram stop)
  • Parking: in the adjacent streets (purple zone 30 CZK/hour, for free in certain streets), or the Fénix Gallery (3 hours for free), parking at the Hloubětín Railway Station or adjacent streets (for free)
  • Length: 3.5 km (return trip 7 km) from Pod lávkou park to Hořejší rybník (PP Smetánka)
  • Surface: Very high quality
  • The character of the route: Mostly flat surface, suitable even for beginners
  • Marking: A26

This pleasant route is part of the Vysočany cycle path A26 and passes through the modern district of new building constructions and the picturesque valley of the Rokytka river. Although the trail is shorter, it passes through nice city parks and offers a beautiful rest with a view of Hořejší rybník. Along the way, you will find a children's playground (Pod lávkou, Na Harfě, Smetanka) and places where you can stop by for something small to eat (e.g. the "disco" MTV Café in the residence Eliška or the pub U Dvou smrků in Hloubětín). The trail will also please lovers of "city" animals - you can often encounter nutria in the Upper Pond.