Parking in Prague can be a breeze if you know what to do. How long can I park in a blue zone? How do I pay for parking and how much does it cost? Can I park for free in the Prague centre? Here are the answers to the most common questions and practical tips for convenient parking in Prague (not only) using the Citymove app.

How much does parking in a blue zone cost?

Parking in a blue zone is available for a fee for non-residents. The price depends on the area in which the particular zone is located. There are three price zones in Prague. An hour of parking in a blue zone ranges from CZK 80 (Prague 1) to CZK 60 (wider centre) to CZK 40 (e.g., Prague 8 and 9). You can see the exact price per hour by clicking on a specific zone on the map in the Citymove app.

How do I pay for parking in a blue zone?

You won’t find parking meters in the blue zones in Prague, but you can pay for parking conveniently via the Citymove app. After registering (here is a clear guide), simply enter the licence plate of the car and the length of time you want to park. This can be as little as ten minutes, while the longest you can park in a blue zone is 3 hours.

When can I park in a blue zone?

At any time – for a fee or free of charge. The operating hours of the blue zones (i.e., the period during which you have to pay for parking) are from 8:00 to 20:00. At night you can park for free in certain blue zones. Blue Zone parking rules may vary depending on the location or city district. You can find out when the zone is “in effect” by clicking on the specific zone in the Citymove app.

What is a blue parking zone?

A blue parking zone is intended primarily for residents of the locality. Anyone who is a permanent resident of the locality and who applies for a parking permit by presenting a vehicle technical certificate can park in a blue parking zone. However, non-residents can also park in a blue zone for a short time (for a maximum of 3 hours). Parking fees can only be paid online, e.g., via the Citymove app.

Where can I park in Prague at the weekend?

At the weekend, you can also park for free in certain paid parking zones in Prague - in certain parts of Prague they are not in effect on weekends and holidays  (e.g., in Břevnov or Vršovice). On weekends, you can also park for free in some shopping centres for up to 5 hours (e.g., OC Nový Smíchov and Galerie Fénix; in OC Flora for 3 hours).

Where can I park for free in Smíchov?

In Smíchov, you can park for free for 2 hours (5 hours on weekends) in OC Nový Smíchov. In the Anděl City parking house, an hour costs CZK 50, but if you go to the Cinestar cinema, you can park there for 5 hours for free. There are also plenty of purple and orange zones in Smíchov, where an hour of parking costs only CZK 30. You can park using the Mr. Parkit service from CZK 9.90/hour.

Where to park on Dejvická Street

Covered parking is available, for example, on Studentská Street (Garáže Dejvice), from CZK 25 per hour. Parking in the vicinity of the Dejvická and Vítězné náměstí stations is also available in the mixed purple zones. On some streets around Dejvická, it costs only CZK 10/hour. Please look at the Citymove map in advance to see where the cheapest parking is so you don’t pay twice as much just a street away.

Where to park in Prague 3

In terms of prices, the territory of Prague 3 is divided into two parts using the imaginary border of Jana Želivského Street. From there eastwards, the parking zones fall into zone 3 and parking here is one-third cheaper: in the blue zone you will pay CZK 40 and in the purple zone CZK 20 per hour. You can also use the indoor garages (e.g., OC Flora offers free parking for the first 2 hours).

Where to park at the Budějovická station

In the vicinity of the Budějovická metro station, you can park in the orange and purple zones for CZK 20 or 30/hour. In the DBK shopping centre garage, you can park for free for the first hour (3 hours on weekends). A little further on in Prague 4 you can park on the street for free - the locality without paid parking zones starts below the level of Jižní spojka.

Where to park at Wenceslas Square

One of the busiest locations in Prague offers parking in the purple zone for CZK 60/hour. The cheapest parking at Wenceslas Square is offered by the Hlavní nádraží Parking Complex at CZK 40/hour. For all-day parking around Wenceslas Square, it is worth booking a space in the Mr. Parkit garage using the Citymove app - if you park here for 24 hours, you will pay less than CZK 25/hour.