Did you know that parking at Prague Airport is cheaper than a taxi to the city center? If you live outside Prague, parking at or near Václav Havel Airport during your holiday is worth it. The following is an overview of all the secure parking houses and car parks around Ruzyně Airport, as well as tips on saving money or picking up your loved ones at the airport for free.

The fastest option: free loading and unloading

“Can you give me a ride to the airport?” A common question from our loved ones that we sometimes don’t know how to handle. How much will it cost? How will I pay, and can I even drive to the terminal? Don’t worry, it’s easy. You can get to the airport by following the clear directional signs for Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. If you stay inside for no more than 15 minutes, you won’t be required to pay anything.

You can park for a short time in the outdoor car parks P1 and P2 EXPRESS, which are located directly in front of the entrances to the terminals. This will give you plenty of time to unload your suitcases and wave goodbye. If you want to say goodbye to your loved ones or wait for them in the arrivals hall, you can stay in this car park even longer – half an hour costs CZK 100, an hour CZK 200.

If you want to park cheaper, try the PB ECONOMY parking house near Terminal 2 or PC COMFORT, which is closer to Terminal 1. At both locations, an hour of parking starts at CZK 80. These car parks are right on the airport grounds and within easy reach of both terminals. On the Aeroparking website, you will find detailed information on parking, prices, booking, and also videos on how to get there.

Whether you want to park for the long term or for a short time, it’s all possible at Václav Havel Airport.

Most comfortable option: long-term parking at Prague Airport


The official parking houses of Prague Airport offer parking directly at Václav Havel Airport. Aeroparking long-term parking is available in four parking houses: PD HOLIDAY is ideal for parking during your holiday – prices for eight days of parking start at CZK 740, and it is only a 15-minute walk to the airport, or you can ride the bus for one stop.

Other parking houses are located directly at the terminals: PA SMART at Terminal 2 offers parking from CZK 130 per day and is ideal for smaller vehicles. In the PC COMFORT house at Terminal 1, you can park a larger car comfortably from CZK 350 per day, and eight days will cost you CZK 1,290. The PC PREMIUM department offers extra services and will be appreciated by owners of luxury vehicles and anyone who wants to start their holiday at the airport.

Aeroparking parking houses offer affordable parking directly at Ruzyně Airport, a few minutes’ walk from the terminals. You can park here for an hour, a day, or your entire holiday. You can book a parking space online at a discount of up to 50%. All information about parking and services in individual parking houses, a detailed price list and video navigation to the location can be found on the Aeroparking website.


This private parking house can also be found directly at the airport, just a few steps from both terminals. It offers premium services such as picking up and parking your vehicle if you need to continue to the airport without delay, as well as bringing your car to you on your return, and similar to Aeroparking, other additional services such as car washing.

The car park is secured by multiple security devices, including infrared beams, making it also ideal for luxury cars. A day of parking costs CZK 500, 8 days CZK 990. You can also book a parking space here using the online form. All information about parking and the price list can be found on the SmileParking website.

Most convenient option: a short drive from Prague Airport with transportation

The following parking options at Ruzyně Airport are the most convenient for long-term parking for eight days or more. With a maximum three-minute transfer by company car, you won’t lose any time compared to parking directly at the airport.


This indoor car park is less than 3 km from Václav Havel Airport. That may seem far away, but GoParking has its own airport shuttle, so all you need to do is park in the designated zone and wait by your car for the shuttle to arrive, which will take you to the airport in 3 minutes. You also have the option to be picked up at the GoParking station at Terminal 1 and taken back to your car when you return from your travels.

For 8 days of parking at GoParking, prices start at CZK 890 when booking online in advance, while parking for the day costs CZK 450 – 500. The secure parking house at the airport also offers a car wash and cleaning service. Detailed information, including a parking price list and detailed arrival instructions, can be found on the GoParking website.

Fajn Parking

Another option for convenient parking with a shuttle to the airport is the uncovered car park in Tuchoměřice, a short walk from the POP outlet centre. The car park has a 24-hour office where staff will welcome you, help you with your luggage and arrange for your transport via a company car. When you return, just call Fajn Parking and you can expect a ride back to the car park within 15 minutes.

Eight days in this car park near the airport will cost you just CZK 600, while a day of parking costs CZK 400. The car park has both physical security and a security camera system. In addition, you can have your suitcase stored here for only CZK 120. When booking online, Fajn Parking offers the cheapest parking near Václav Havel Airport. Full services and the price list can be found on the Fajn Parking website.

Cheapest option: further away, but with transfer services, car service and accommodation

If you have more time to spend getting to the airport and want to save a little more money or take advantage of interesting services, there are several other car parks around the airport. All are uncovered but guarded, and all offer free airport shuttle services.


AVIA Parking is about a 15-minute drive from Václav Havel Airport. In addition to parking for CZK 700 for 8 days, airport pick-up and suitcase packing, AVIA offers car repairs in the adjacent car service. You can arrange a long-planned car service or a tyre change conveniently while you are enjoying your holiday. More information can be found on the AVIA Parking website.

Parking E.L.A.N. is a secure car park near Prague Airport, which offers parking for 8 days for CZK 800, free transfer to and from the airport (about 10 minutes) and additional paid services such as car exterior and interior washing. A car service is also available here. More information can be found on the Parking E.L.A.N. website.

Air-Parking is located 5 – 7 minutes’ drive from Prague Airport. The car park offers quality security, airport transfer service and convenient parking for CZK 800 for 8 days. It also offers online booking and luggage packing, refreshments and car and tyre service. More information can be found on the Air-Parking website.

Parkování R7 (Parking R7) is a family-run business that offers parking in a secure car park. Parking for 8 days costs CZK 800 and you can book a space in advance on the internet. This car park also offers private airport transfer (10 min drive to the airport) as well as accommodation in a family-run guesthouse, which can come in handy in the event of an overnight departure. More information on the Parkování R7 website.

Parkuj u nás (Park with us) is another family business, managing a parking lot on the property next to the family house with non-stop security. Parking here for 8 days costs CZK 600 and you can also book online and transfer with arrival within 10 minutes. For an additional fee, you can have your vehicle covered with a good quality car tarp or take advantage of short-term accommodation before departure or after your return. For more information, visit the Parkuj u nás website.