Whether you have come to Prague for a holiday or on a business trip, by car, train or plane, our tips on how not to get lost in the city will surely come in handy. Do you know where to find safe and wallet-friendly parking? Where to rent a bike or scooter and how does “etiquette” in public transport work? Sail through what Prague can offer and make the most of the city.

Traffic in Prague is very busy, sometime hectic, but it is well organised. Those who know how to profit from its opportunities feel at home in the city.  Read on for advice on how to manage parking in Prague, where to find the cheapest garage for a weekend or a whole week, where to rent an ideal car during your holiday or business trip in Prague. You will learn where to rent a bike comfortably and hassle-free and what to do to enjoy your journey in public transport. Let’s get to it.

To Prague by car

Street parking in Prague is possible almost anywhere but watch out for the prices. You can park even in the blue resident zone. However, it will be considerably more expensive, so be sure to check for parking lots in the cheaper mixed or visitor zones nearby. No need to run around the streets: In the Citymove app, all zones are displayed clearly on the map. Simply click on a zone to see its current tariff and maximum parking time. And it goes without saying that you can easily pay the parking fee directly through the app.

Long-term parking in Prague is most convenient via Mr. Parkit. This service offers much better prices compared to public guarded parking houses, and your car will be parked just as safely. All you have to do is to find a garage that suits you best in advance in the Citymove app – in terms or prices or locality. In addition to information about the garage, the app will offer you the option to book and pay for the parking lot in the garage directly – without the hassle of making telephone calls or writing e-mails. Mr. Parkit is therefore the ideal solution also for foreigners.

Ordering a taxi. With catching a taxi on the street comes a much higher fare. A better solution is to place an order through an official taxi app (AAA, Liftago, Tick Tack and others) or international services such as Bolt or Uber, currently the official airport shuttle. Ordering a taxi by telephone, e.g. from a hotel reception, is also a good option. If you need a car for longer journeys (e.g. for business trips or trips outside of Prague), it might be worth renting a car.     

Shared transport in Prague

To rent a car in Prague is a breeze. Forget expensive or small cars from rental companies and go for car sharing. The HoppyGo service arranges for safe car rental directly from owners. You can choose a car by its price, size, equipment or location. All cars included in the programme are insured, so there is no need to worry. The fleet of HoppyGo is also much more diverse compared to rental companies and the prices are a bargain in the case of a long-term rental.  Most of the cars can be used for driving outside of the Czech Republic as well.

Environmentally friendly and comfortably by bike. A shared bike is better than a kick scooter for journeys around Prague. A bike will cope better with the Prague surfaces (cobblestones, transitions between the pavement and the road) and is equipped with a large basket where you can put your clothes or backpack. A bike is also an excellent means to explore the more remote nooks and crannies of Prague, you can take it to one of the parks or enjoy a ride on the cycle paths along the Vltava. Shared bikes Nextbike and Rekola can be found virtually anywhere – their exact location can be found easily through the Citymove app.

Stress-free and comfortable travel by public transport

Prague public transport is rated the fifth best in the world (it is preceded by public transport in Seoul, Paris, Zurich and the best in the world in Hong Kong). Transport links follow each other logically and the intervals between them (especially in the city centre and the broader city centre) are very short.  Still, it is worth planning your journey around Prague – especially if you are not familiar with the city or if you wish to go to the peripheral areas served by buses that only run once every half hour. The Citymove app will help you plan your ideal route. All you need for grasping the “etiquette” of public transport is to follow our advice. Here are some important rules and tips:

  • If you buy a paper ticket for public transport, remember to have it stamped (inside the tram, in the metro lobby or outside on the train platform). 30- or 90-minute tickets can also be bought directly via the Citymove app. Just make sure to buy it before boarding the means of public transport.   
  • There are seats reserved for disabled people in trams and other means of public transport. However, it is the custom to let disabled passengers, pregnant women and the elderly, but also women and small children sit anywhere at any time. Offering help to parents with prams goes without saying.
  • Passengers get off first and then new passengers get on. When getting on, wait calmly, the car will not leave without you. If you are standing in the doorway, clear the space by moving further into the car or by getting out for a moment. In particular, getting on and off the metro is very fast and if you block the entrance, you risk getting into a fight with passengers.
  • On escalators, stand on the right only and give space to those who are in a hurry.
  • On public transport, try not to disturb the other passengers by making loud telephone calls, playing music on your mobile phone or having loud conversations within the circle of your friends.
  • It is not necessary to run to a leaving tram in Prague – there is always another one coming in a few minutes. A smarter way is to track the real location of trams in the Citymove app and to adjust your pace when walking to the stop.  
  • Trains are part of the Prague public transport system, where classic tickets apply. Don’t be afraid to use them. However, you should check the map on the platform beforehand to see which stops are included in the “city” zone.  
  • The public transport system also covers many ferries across the Vltava. Tickets can be bought directly from the ferryman. This is a great combination of a practical ride and great experience.
  • Don’t miss the last metro train, when for example going home from a party. The last trains leave around midnight from the terminal station. By clicking on a station in Citymove, arrival times for all services, including the last one, will show.

Have you decided what route through Prague you will take next? Whether by car, public transport or a “panoramic” shared bike ride, with the Citymove app, you will have all these options neatly packed together. And with it, a great deal of calm to enable you to indulge in the city to the full.