In case of troubles with the payment for your ride or troubles with ending your ride, please contact BeRider support below. If you experienced any bugs (crashing, freezing etc.) in the Citymove app, please contact our support.

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Frequently asked questions

General instructions

Creating an account

Go to the BeRider section, select any scooter and try to reserve it. If you don't already have a connected account the app will ask you to log in or Create new account which will redirect you to the BeRider app where you can sign up for the service. You'll need your ID and driver's licence to complete the registration. The registration is FREE and once your account is complete and verified, you will get FREE 15 minutes for your first rides.

Renting a scooter

Choose the scooter you want to rent and tap Reserve for FREE. If you haven't connected your existing and verified BeRider account with Citymove yet, you will be asked to. Once the scooter is reserved, you will have 15 minutes to get to the scooter and start the ride. During this time, no one else will see the scooter in their app nor will be able to rent it. Once you are next to the scooter, start the ride in the app and follow the instructions. Before you depart, please check that your final destination is within the BeRider zone, otherwise you won't be able to finish the ride! We also recommend to check the remaining battery range of the scooter and the battery level of your phone prior to the ride to avoid troubles.
How to ride a scooter

Parking and finishing the ride

You can end the ride only within the BeRider zone which you can see in the map, however riding and pausing the ride can be done even outside the zone. You can leave the scooter (for free) on any public parking place in the city (incl. blue, orange and purple paid parking zones). Never leave the scooter on a sidewalk, in an underground garages or on any other private property. Repeatedly incorrect or dangerous parking may result in a fine or ultimately blocking of your BeRider account!

We highly recommend to read tips on How to park and end the ride

Prices and payments

The price of your ride is determined by the duration of your rental in minutes. First minute of each ride is FREE, giving you time to put on a helmet and check the scooter for damages. The amount of money will be deducted from your payment card added during registration immediately after the ride is finished.

If you want to ride cheaper, we recommend you to buy a prepaid minute packages in the BeRider app which allow you to ride much cheaper than with the default pay-per-minute tariff. After you purchase the package, the prepaid minutes will be consumed by your following rides and you won't be charged anything else. Once you consume all your prepaid minutes, you will be automatically switched to paying per minute. When pausing the ride, your prepaid minutes will be consumed at a rate of 1/5 of the ride.

Full pricelist