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Live Public transport data

Live positions of public transport vehicles on the map

The data about current positions of Pragues buses, trams and trains are being gathered from GPS sensors in the vehicles. The data are sent every 15 seconds. In between the intervals, the app predicts vehicle's current position and every 15 seconds, new current positions are received and the position of the vehicle on the map is adjusted. By tapping the live vehicle pin on the map, the app shows the route of the connection and also list of stops on the route. In order to limit the amount of data that is being downloaded by your phone, only vehicles in the diameter of 2 kms around the center of the map are shown. The live positions data are provided by PID (Pražská integrovaná doprava).

Live departure times in route detail

Based on the gathered info about current positions of public transport vehicles, the app shows actual predicted departure times in the detail of each route. The times of departures may therefore vary from the departure times given by an official timetable.

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