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Frequently asked questions

Info about COVID-19 testing points

What kind of test is suitable for me?

There are 3 basic types of tests:

  1. Antigen test
    Quick test of presence of the virus, for example required before entering a workplace. Every citizen who participates in public health insurance is entitled to a FREE antigen test, no more than once every 3 days. The people must prove themselves with the insurance ID card or a replacement document in order to get the test for FREE. The efficiency of detecting the presence of SARS-COV2 virus is generally lower in antigen tests than in PCR tests.
  2. PCR test with receipt
    Book a PCR test with "an application" if you receive an application number from a hygiene centre or your doctor because of contact with a person infected with coronavirus or because you are showing symptoms of the disease.
  3. PCR test self-paid
    If you need confirmation of the result of the PCR test (eg. for a trip abroad), but you do not have a request from a doctor or a hygienic station employee, it is necessary to pay for the test from your own resources.
How do I find out the method of sampling in particular center?

You can find out the specific method of sampling (eg by swabbing from the tip of the nose or spitting into a test tube) on the website of the test center. You will find a link to the website in the detail of the selected place.

How long will it take to know the test result?

The time that takes to get the test result depends on the type of test and the given test center. On average, the time to obtain the result ranges from a few minutes to hours for the antigen test and a few hours to 2 days for PCR tests. You can find out the specific time for which you will receive the result on the website of the testing place.

How much does a COVID test cost?

Every citizen and participant in health insurance is entitled to one antigen test free of charge every 3 days.

If you have a request from a doctor or a hygienist, you can have yourself tested at any test center that provides PCR tests "with a application" and you do not pay for the test.

If you do not have a request and need a PCR test ("self-payer"), you must pay for the test. You can find out the specific price of the test and the method of payment on the website of the collection point.

How to book a slot for testing?

Select the type of test you need in the filters and you will see the test centers that meet the specified requirements. On the detail of the test site, you will see the opening hours of the site, the address and, if necessary, a note on the location, which will help you find the site. Once you have selected a location, click on Book Reservation and you will be redirected to the test center website where you can book your time slot.

Where does test center data come from?

All data about COVID-19 test centers are provided by municipal company Operátor ICT through their data platform Golemio. The data are collected from the individual test centers and a website https://covid.praha.eu/.

Are the test center data up to date?

Information from individual test center websites are checked manually every working day and further modified into the required structure.