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Frequently asked questions

Basic information

How to start riding

Download Nextbike app (for iPhone or Android), create an account and add your payment card.

How to rent a bike

Citymove only allows finding the bike, for unlocking of the bike you'll need to have the official Nextbike app installed on your phone. To unlock the bike, simply scan the QR code above the rear wheel and tap the "Rent bike" button in the app. In case the bike doesn't unlock, try moving with the rear wheel a bit.

How and where to return the bike

Unlike some other bike sharing services, Nextbikes are allowed to be returned only in official Nextbike stations shown on the map. We highly recommend to check out the stations around your destination before you rent the bike. If you lock the bike outside the station, a fee will be applied. To return the bike, simply lock it by pressing down on the lock and check in the app if the ride has been finished.

How to ride for free

Holders of valid "Lítačka" public transport coupon and Multisport card are entitled to several free, time-limited rides per day. In order to use this benefit you need to connect your Lítačka or Multisport card in the Nextbike app's settings. Nextbike usualy offers other discounts, for more info check out the Nextbike website.